QDot™ SharpGreen 페로브스카이트 양자점

QDot™ SharpGreen Perovskite ABX3 QDs and Film are specifically developed to meet the requirements of display and sensor industry for down-converting materials. The materials have superior optical properties alongside with high reliability. They have emission 520-535 nm (depending on the used concentration), high PLQY (up to 80-100 %) and narrow FWHM (< 20-22 nm).  QDot™ SharpGreen Perovskite QDs Film remain > 70-80 % of initial photoluminescence within 1000 hours of exposing by heat (85 °C and blue light 10 mW/cm2 exposure), high relative humidity (90 % RH at 60 °C) and high flux exposure (150 mW/cm2).


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