Quantum Dots Applications

Solar Cells

QDot™ PbS QDs can be utilized in solar cell to capture more solar spectrum in the near infrared range. The ability to tune QDs absorbance wavelength in the NIR range makes it versatile for tandem solar cells with other materials such as silicon wafer or perovskite films solar cell. Current development of stand-alone PbS solar cell already achieved 10% certified efficiencies.

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Quantum Dot NIR Image Sensors

Near infrared sensing is getting very important in such devices as photo-cameras (for biometrics), autonomous cars (obstacles detection), machine vision (quality control and product inspection), AR and VR (for eyes tracking), in night vision and surveillance. Current active NIR absorbers, such as InGaAs and Ge, have high cost of production (high temperature epitaxial method) and cannot be integrated on a Si-based integrated read out circuit (ROIC). QDot™ PbS QDs have higher sensitivity, wider absorption range and compatibility with Si-based sensors.

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Quantum Dots for X-ray Scintillation and UV Sensing

Scintillators, which are capable of converting ionizing radiation into visible photons, are very important for such areas as: inspection, failure/cracks detection, security X-ray imaging, nuclear cameras, and computed tomography. QDot™ Perovskite Quantum Dots can be used as an efficient X-ray scintillation material. It exhibits strong luminescence (tunable in the range of 450-685 nm) under X-rays that is readable by the conventional silicon imaging camera. It is also compatible with PMT detectors, silicon photodiodes or photomultipliers.

Silicon photodiode is the most widely used commercial photodetector for a broad range of applications, from imaging to light sensors. Unfortunately, it has low responsivity and suffer in capturing UV light range (< 400 nm), due to the low penetration depth of high energy UV photons in the silicon-based materials. QDot™ Perovskite Quantum Dots can be utilized as a color-converting layer to enhance the UV light sensitivity of Si-based photodectors.

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Quantum Dot LEDs

QD LEDs is an emerging technology that promises to enhance current OLED displays with higher brightness, durability and color purity. It will be an ultimate solution for flexible and curved displays in TVs, mobile and wearable devices, virtual and augmented reality glasses, automotive displays and signage. QDot™ Perovskite ABX3 Quantum Dots show a promise in that field alongside with InP and CdSe quantum dots. QDot™ Perovskite ABX3 QDs are especially efficient for blue and green QD LEDs.

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Quantum Dot Display

Quantum dots extend the color gamut of LCD displays, present more vibrant colors with better contrast in TVs, laptops and tablets. Ideal solution for HDR displays to meet Rec2020 standard. On top of that, QDs help to reduce the energy consumption (up to 25 %). Nowadays, the technology is adopted by many TV manufacturers. QUANTUM SOLUTIONS offers novel QDot™ SharpGreen Perovskite QDs for LCD application (“LCD backlighting” and “Printable color filters”). This material has emission 520-530 nm, high photoluminescence efficiency (up to 100 %) and narrow band emission (< 20-25 nm) that make it a better quality alternative to the current CdSe or InP QDs.

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